Independence Day Celebration: Chief Guest List for 15 August 2018

Independence Day Celebration

The 72nd Indian Independence Day will be here in no time, and the country is awaiting yet another year of freedom. The people of the largest democracy of the world also celebrate their Independence Day with all their heart, and we are of the same mindset too. In this blog, we bring you all the Indian news, different materials about India Independence, Indian Independence Day Pictures, Independence Day Greetings and much more. If you are looking for more stuff like these, check out these amazing posts of ours:
Talking about the celebrations, we all know how much hype there is in schools and colleges for the Independence Day Celebrations. The school authorities do a lot of spending over the stages, performances, props and other entities. Another important thing about these Independence Day Celebrations is the inclusion of Chief Guests. The reputation of the school can be seen in the kind of personality that is invited as the chief guest, and we will update you with the top figures that you can invite from our 72nd Independence Day 2018 Chief Guest List. The individuals in our list comprise of various personalities who have contributed to the progress of India. This list is apt for inviting the Chief Guest of 15 August 2018 celebration.

Independence Day 2018 Chief Guest Name List

The Independence Day 2018 Chief Guest Name List can include:
- Current or former higher ranked army officials- Reputed singers, preferably who have famous patriotic songs - Former or current government or ministry officials - Higher ranked officials from Fire Fighters Department or Police Department - Reputed movie actors and current or former cricketers - MLAs or MPs of the region
Inviting such professionals and personalities will add to the glory of Independence Day Celebration event in which they arrive at. To help our readers choose which guest to invite we will soon update the 15 August 2018 Chief Guest Name List, so stay tuned.
Meanwhile, the India Independence Day also calls for impressive Independence Day Speech to be delivered during the celebrations. If you happen to be a part of such celebrations and need a speech on Independence Day for Teachers or Speech on Independence Day for Students, then here’s the help you need. Check out our post below:
Do not forget to leave your thoughts in our comment section and share the blog with your friends. We are also taking requests for the stuff that you may need on this blog for 72nd Independence Day. So, keep connected to us. Jai Hind!

Making India Safer

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