5 Reasons why traveling can prove to be the best form of education

The mother earth is filled with a ton of experiences, wonders and is flooding with a lifetime of opportunities waiting to be explored. There are places such as Amazon rainforest and Canadian tundra to Kenyan villages which provide a traveler with cultural, spiritual and intellectual insights which cannot be gained via classroom learning.
Reasons why traveling is hailed as the best form of education, well, read on to find out why?

To learn new languages

Although, English is the dominant language in the world there are other languages which make up how people communicate with each other. When you undertake a journey to a different part of the world where English is the second language or where there is no sign of this popular language, you learn a new language altogether.
It is advisable to do some research on the territory you are traveling to and learn some basics of the language spoken there. By this at least you will have a foundation laid for you whereby you can ask for directions in a foreign land or read sign posts etc.
When you put that language to practice by speaking to the native speakers of that territory you realize the slangs, vocal expressions or tones which govern the language. You could not have learned these many things about a certain language by merely sitting in a classroom and reading it in a textbook.

To experience diverse cultures

Our world is riddled with different cultures. Some cultural practices that we deem as taboo, in other cultures, these are considered as revered practices. Did you know that in Italy, people go on walks after they have had their meal? Or that in Mexico, it is quite common for people to take a nap right after lunch?
When you travel and visit places, you will find that cultural differences offer varying food types, social expectations, and mannerisms that you may not have heard of before. To you, it might have come as a cultural shock when you read about it in a book, but upon witnessing it in person, you will embrace that wholeheartedly. Traveling teaches you to keep an open mind.

To experience cultural similarities

Where there are differences, there are similarities as well. You will see that there are some common grounds too that exist between you and other person’s culture. If you share the love for art, it might be that they may share the same love or it may be that they portray their assertiveness by heavily relying on their body language and your culture may entail the same traits, etc.
What we label as “others” is until we find similarities between our cultures. Once the curtain comes down on dissertation help, we see that our interests and habits are not that different after all.

A chance at unearthing history

History books can teach us a lot about how the world once was. But have you for a moment pondered on the possibility that the perspective that you are being taught is of a particular nation state? Can there be another side to the story? When you venture out to explore other territories (I mean visit other countries, places), you will realize that the bits of history you were taught was only half true.
There indeed is another side to the story. As a discoverer, you will find all form of new knowledge; regarding indigenous inscriptions, architectural designs/styles, landmarks and learn about events from that nation's perspective to better understand the history that shaped our present day world. You will also notice, as a result, why a particular nation has a political and societal system of the sort in place.

A means to gain independence
The act of traveling is no easy feat. It is a test of one’s will and resilience. You cannot be too prepared for any form of a journey you undertake. Things will get off track, and your plans will fail such as rides showing up late and boarding passes getting lost, but it is what travelers must learn to deal with on their own.
It is good to have a plan in place, but do not get too strictly attached to it instead ‘let the chips fall wherever they may.'

Learn What Safety Is

Traveling teaches you many things, and it also teaches you how to take care of yourself. From ensuring to take right routes to handling anti-social elements, you learn various things. If your travel requires you to drive long distance, then make sure to have an automobile insurance. It is easy to find an auto insurance in a matter of few minutes. There are various services that give you instant auto insurance quotes online. The quick auto insurance quotes come in handy in desperate times. So, make sure to know about such automobile insurance to deal with unexpected situations. 
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